Markham Fertility Centre

You are the hero of your story. . . and the
centre of ours.​

Markham Fertility Centre

You are the hero of your story . . . and the centre of ours.​

Every hero needs a team to help them be everything they want to be.
At Markham Fertility Centre, we are your team. From preconception to early pregnancy care we are with you at every step of the journey.
With a powerful combination of love and science we consistently deliver among the highest pregnancy rates in country.

How We Put Our Patients First

Serving the community since 1988, Markham Fertility Centre has woven countless stories of hope, resilience, and joy. We pride ourselves on crafting not just treatments, but deeply personal journeys tailored to each individual.
You are the hero of your own story and the centre of ours.

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Expert Fertility Specialists

Services to support you through every aspect of your reproductive journey.

You are the hero of your story... and the centre of ours.

Meet Your Fertility Physicians

The relationship between you and your physician is very important in fertility given the deep emotional, financial and personal investment that can be required to achieve your family.
We get it and have been in your shoes.

Our doctors are not only experts in their field, but they are also passionate about their work; motivated by your personal story toward parenthood.

Dr Meivys Garcia, Markham Fertility Centre

Dr. Meivys Garcia
Medical Director
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Dr Marta Wais, Markham Fertility Centre

Dr. Marta Wais
Quality Director
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Dr Crystal Chan, Markham Fertility Centre

Dr. Crystal Chan
Scientific Director
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Dr Salina Kanji, Markham Fertility Centre

Dr. Salina Kanji
Reproductive Endocrinologist
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We take pride in treating you as an individual and creating care plans that are as unique as you.
You will never be just another patient, another number or the result of a statistic.
- Dr Meivys Garcia, Medical Director