Understanding the Embryo

Embryos play a crucial role in the realm of human development. Here’s a detailed guide to navigate through their complexities. WHAT IS AN EMBRYO?  An embryo originates from a fertilized egg. When discussing embryos, two primary aspects come into focus: their stage and grade. STAGES OF AN EMBRYO FIRST STAGE SECOND STAGE FINAL STAGE In…

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Understanding Pregnancy Dating: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy dating might seem a bit perplexing at first. Here’s how it works: Pregnancy is conventionally dated from the first day of the last menstrual cycle. While it’s true that on this day there’s no actual pregnancy, it’s considered day 0 in the life cycle of the egg that will develop into a baby. For…

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Empowering Single Women with Family Planning Options

This post outlines treatment options for women who don’t have a partner but are considering starting or planning for their family’s future. Main Options: Before delving into these options, it’s essential to highlight the importance of planning ahead for family building and fertility preservation. Understanding Age and Fertility Fertility inevitably declines with age. The decline…

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