Fertility Awareness: Green Ribbon Campaign

April is Fertility Awareness month; wear your green ribbon with pride

Each season has its symbolic meaning and spring is one of the most impactful.  From the cold of winter in Canada, emerges spring, a time of rejuvenation, hope, life, and vibrant colours.  But, for many, the proliferation of life around them is a cruel reminder of their own challenges to bring life to bear, left in the cold with their fertility and family building struggles. 

A famous Canadian actor once said, “I don’t believe in hope. Hope is a beggar. Hope walks through the fire. Faith leaps over it.” That actor was Jim Carrey. In the quotation above, hope is a passive stance, while faith is proactive.  It is a decision made with conviction and determination toward a desired outcome. 

Green Ribbon Campaign 2024

With the launch of the Green Ribbon Campaign and the Fertility Grant by Fertility Friends Foundation, in conjunction with a number of Ontario fertility clinics, we, as a community are actively choosing to make a difference in supporting the dreams of those who otherwise would not have the resources to leap toward their dreams of becoming a parent. Together, with patients and supporters, we are leaping over the fire of infertility. Jim Carrey believes that individuals can achieve their dreams by choosing ‘love’ over ‘fear’. Love, and faith in a bright future for others, is what has inspired participation in the Green Ribbon Campaign and the Fertility Grant. 

At Markham Fertility Centre, we are proud of the work done by organizations like Fertility Friends Foundation to help others conceive and we are proud of the Canadian clinics who are participating in this grant by covering a big portion of the costs of a treatment cycle for recipients of the grant. It is but a small drop in the bucket, but a testament to what we can do as a community. 

The month of April is Fertility Awareness month. During this month, we will be collecting donations as part of the Green Ribbon Campaign. You can tap your card in clinic at MFC or donate directly at Fertility Friends Foundation website.

All proceeds will go toward the Fertility Grant program at Fertility Friends Foundation. Wear your green ribbon with pride.