Markham Fertility is making fertility treatments more accessible with humm financing

humm fertility financing and Markham Fertility Centre

Time, cost, and distance can be barriers for patients when accessing fertility care.  While the Ministry of Ontario funds some fertility treatments at eligible clinics through the Ontario Fertility Program, the costs of both funded and unfunded treatments can cause patients to delay their decision to obtain care, or worse, prevent them from seeking treatment altogether. According to Markham Fertility Centre’s Medical Director, Dr Meivys Garcia, “Roughly one quarter of fertility patients delay treatment for financial reasons.  Time is of the essence in fertility care and our partnership with humm gives patients a flexible option to finance their treatment so that they do not have to delay care.  We were pleased to learn that humm offers a low-fixed interest rate to all approved patients that is much more reasonable than is available through other providers.” 

humm Financing

Markham Fertility Centre (MFC) and humm Canada are dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of care and support throughout their fertility journey. Through this partnership, Markham Fertility Centre and humm Canada will work collaboratively to develop flexible financial solutions and provide educational resources to help patients make informed decisions while easing one of the main hurdles to timely reproductive care. 

For more information about humm financing options for fertility treatments and Markham Fertility Centre, learn more about the program.

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