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Alternate Timeline

Step 1 : Consultation

Your fertility doctor will review your medical history, learn about your goals and ensure you have a good understanding of egg freezing so you cans make an informed decision. You will complete blood work and a vaginal ultrasound exam at the clinic so we can determine your ovarian reserve. Once we received the results of your tests in about 2 weeks, your doctor will create a personalized care plan taking into account the results of your testing and your family planning goals.

Step 2 : Meeting your care team

Step 2 : Meeting your care team

Your dedicated care team will provide you with appropriate and timely instructions so that you feel in control. You will complete consent forms and participate in an educating session where you will learn how to administer medications. This is also a good time to ask questions.

Step 3 : Ovarian Stimulation

Stimulating your ovaries to produce eggs typically lasts 10-12 days. During this time you will be taking injectable medications and will have 3-5 in-person morning appointments at the clinic where we will monitor your hormones and measure ovaries using a vaginal ultrasound. Your physician will closely monitor your stimulation to ensure the optimal number of eggs.

Step 4 : Egg Retreival

Prepare to spend 1-2 hours at the clinic on the day of egg retrieval and arrange for someone to pick you up. The egg retrieval itself is done under deep sedation with an anesthesiologist to ensure your safety and comfort and last only 20 minutes. The procedure lasts approximately 20-minutes. You may experience minor discomfort after the procedure. Most patients resume normal activities the next day.

Step 5 : Post Egg Retrieval

After the retrieval, your eggs will be evaluated and frozen by our expect embryologist team using a technique called vitrification. Our embryologist will let you the quality and number of eggs that have been frozen before you leave the clinic. Your eggs will be kept in a secure environment for storage until you need the again.

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