Common Questions about Diagnostic Ultrasounds

Knowing more about the ultrasound tests you are being asked to do will help prepare you for the overall experience.  Never be shy to ask a question or seek clarification.

A Story of Resilience, Friendship, Courage, and Love

Our story mirrors that of our patients. It is a story of resilience, friendship, courage, and, most importantly, it is a story of love.

Markham Fertility Centre (MFC) was founded by Dr. Michael Virro in 1990. Dr Virro had a vision to provide the most personalized, high-quality fertility care possible. In 2021, Dr. Virro retired from clinical practice and passed the torch to the current co-owners: Dr. Meivys Garcia, Dr. Marta Wais and Dr. Crystal Chan.

As long-time friends and colleagues, Dr Garcia, Dr Wais, and Dr Chan came together to synergize their unique backgrounds, strengths and expertise. Together, the three physicians are expanding on the success of Markham Fertility Centre and broadening its impact.

Over the last 30 years, Markham Fertility has become a leader in the field of infertility and reproductive immunology. Now it is expanding its innovative programs, accessibility, and geographical footprint to serve our patients even better.

Our story is one of resilience to show up for the difficult moments, courage to lean in when it seems impossible and love. Love for our patients that put their trust in us, love for our dedicated staff, love for the unborn children waiting to meet their families and love for each other as we build and grow YOUR fertility clinic.