Markham Fertility Centre (MFC) remains open to our patients and is accepting new referrals.

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  • March 18, 2020
    Markham Fertility Centre (MFC) remains open to our patients and is accepting new referrals.
    Markham Fertility Centre remains commited to its patients and staff. We have been a government-inspected and accredited health facility for over 15 years. As such, our clinic has a culture of adhering to strict guidelines and quality standards that supports the safety of patients and staff. This includes comprehensive and rigorous safety standards, standard operating procedures and staff training and competency programs.
    If you are already an MFC patient who has started or is about to start your fertility treatments, your Coordinator and Doctor will provide you with additional information about how Covid-19 may affect your personal fertility plan. Most fertility plans will remain unchanged at this time.
    In response to governmental guidelines and recommendations, MFC has instituted additional precautions including:
    The main entrance to our building at 379 Church Street has been closed. You will need to enter the main entrance of 377 Church Street. This is the brown building with green panels in front of our building. This new entrance is directly across from the main parking lot. Screeners will be present at this entrance on weekdays from 7am -5pm. Once you have been screened, please follow the signs to the 379 Church Street elevators and proceed to the 5th floor.
    A ‘Covid-19 Management Team’ has been established to ensure that MFC develops comprehensive and effective safety practices in accordance with governmental recommendations.
    If you have an appointment booked, you will be prescreened prior to your appointment date.
    All people entering MFC’s premises must proceed through MFC’s screening station on the 5th floor. Those who meet the safety standards will be granted access to the facility.
    Physicians will provide virtual consultations (by phone or electronic means) if an office visit is not required, if your health and risk history precludes an office visit, or if you are not comfortable with coming to MFC’s offices.
    Only you and your partner will be admitted (as per screening protocols). You must have an appointment to be seen.
    MFC will be ‘cashless’ during this time; you will be asked to pay via authorized online portals.
    Patients without appointments, children, unauthorized visitors and/or delivery personnel will not be admitted.
    Rigorous disinfection and cleaning procedures are being performed by trained staff members. Our practices exceed the established guidelines in both scope and frequency.
    You will be assigned to a specific waiting area where social distancing measures have been employed hhile you wait for your appointment (including cycle monitoring).
    If you have general questions about Covid-19, these resources are helpful: 
    Telehealth Ontario: To speak to a nurse, 24-7 call 1-866-797-0000
    Multilingual Advice from Toronto Public Health Hotline: 416-338-7600 weekdays 8:30 am – 8:00 pm, weekends 10 am – 6 pm
    Afterhours Public Health emergency help line (multilingual): 416-392-2489 or 311
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