Dr. Marta Wais Quality Director

Co-Owner, Markham Fertility

I really want to build a superior fertility clinic. Sometime that means doing things that are not easy and that other clinics can't do. It means going above and beyond for my patients. I really want patients to feel like they received phenomenal care.

Dr. Wais is Quality Director and co-owner of Markham Fertility Centre. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto before attending Queen’s University for medical school. She completed one year of Family Medicine residency at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto before finding her true passion for women’s health. She then successfully transferred residency programs into Obstetrics and Gyneacology and completed the five-year program in only four years. Dr. Wais continued her training at the University of Toronto with a two-year subspecialty fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.  The author of several peer-reviewed publications, she has also won several awards for her research projects. Dr. Wais has also written a textbook chapter on obesity and its impact on fertility.

Dr. Wais’ areas of interest included premature menopause and decreased ovarian reserve. She also has a special interest in minimally invasive fertility surgery.

Quality is central to Dr Wais' philosophy. She heads the quality program at the clinic and studies quality improvement in her spare time.

Dr. Marta Wais is committed to providing all her patients with comprehensive, person-centred care. She is also an impassioned advocate for women to empower themselves with knowledge about their own fertility and their options for family planning.  You can find Dr Wais on on her Instagram page.

More About Dr. Wais

We asked each of our doctors some questions so you can learn about who they are as people, not just scientists and clinicians.

What motivates you? 

We can't get everyone pregnant, but making people feel human when they are struggling or celebrating is immensely rewarding.  Seeing people in their highs and being with them during their lows is important to me. I simply like being there others.

What is your message to patients who are struggling to create their family?

Do what you can to keep hope alive. Do what you need to do to support yourself through the process, whether that means leaning on me as your physician, or other supports around you.  Take it one day at a time.  It can be very overwhelming to think about all the steps, the whirlpool of 'what ifs'.  I will always keep you centred on the big plan.

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What would your patients say about you?

I am their cheerleader. I will literally motivate you.  Give you 'high fives' or a hug.  I support your choices. I'm the friend you call when you are stuck, excited, or in need of a shoulder.

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