An estimated 15% of couples experiences infertility. Initial consultation  is generally recommended after 12 months of unprotected intercourse without a pregnancy (which is the technical definition of infertility), but women 38 years or older may wish to seek medical help after just 6 months.


Despite how many couples experience the issue, there is still a stigma with infertility, keeping many couples silent about what they’re going through and preventing them from getting help. There are also misconceptions that stress is the problem and that you’ll only get pregnant once you relax. Also, many young couples believe they’re too young to worry about it. The result of these misconceptions is only a delay in medical consultation and treatment for a very real and emotionally painful problem.


MFC Success Rates

We do not post our pregnancy rate online, as that could be misleading for many couples. We prefer to individualize the pregnancy rate for each couple following a review of your history and a complete work-up. At that point, we will give you your odds for success.


Major factors that influence a couple’s chance of conceiving are:

  1. Age
  2. Past reproductive history and previous cycle attempts
  3. Uterine shape
  4. Immune factors