Our Team

About the Markham Fertility Centre

Since 1989 when we first opened our doors, the Markham Fertility Centre (MFC) has been committed to maintaining personalized service for infertile couples. Our philosophy is simple: We aim to offer patient-specific treatment at the highest standard of care, while giving patients direct and honest information.

We treat each of our patients as individuals – to us, you’ll never be just another number or the result of a statistic.

If you are interested in numbers, though, here are a few. On average, we perform approximately:

With each cycle, we maintain a policy of direct doctor-patient care. That means each couple will see the same physician at the majority of their visits throughout the treatment cycle.

Our Team

Our medical director, Dr. Michael Virro, BSc, MD, FRCS(C), was involved in one of the first IVF units in Toronto in 1982, giving birth to his interest in infertility. His passion – combined with the 75 years of experience among our laboratory staff of embryologists and andrologists – is the MFC’s greatest strength.


Dr. Virro, along with assistant medical director Dr. Meivys Garcia and associates Drs. Colette Pyselman and Nathan Roth, have the combined skill and talent to offer a wide range of assisted reproductive procedures to help couples achieve a pregnancy.

Our Facility

In 2012, the MFC moved into our new, state-of-the-art facility located adjacent to the Markham Stouffville Hospital. We are now able to offer other services our previous location wouldn’t accommodate due to space, including acupuncture, on-site counselling, and immune testing.

Our Reputation

In 2003, the MFC volunteered to be one of the first private infertility clinics in Canada to be reviewed for accreditation by the Canadian Council on Health Services (CCHS). This means that, every 3 years, our clinic comes under review to ensure we meet certain standards and industry requirements.We have also voluntarily submitted our IVF data to the Canadian Assisted Reproductive Technologies Registry (CARTR) since the MFC’s inception. Our pregnancy and live birth rates have consistently been in the top percentages in Canada, and we are now one of the country’s leading clinics for blastocyst transfer and single blastocyst transfer,helping to eliminate the high risk of a multiple pregnancy. We have successfully been able to reduce the number of embryos transferred without reducing our pregnancy rate, with an excellent frozen blastocyst transfer pregnancy rate partially responsible for this success.