Our Team

Markham Fertility Centre

Providing fertility services in the Toronto area since 1990!

Dr. Michael Virro had a vision for his clinic when he opened the doors almost 30 years ago.  He has stayed true to this vision over time.  All of MFC’s physicians and staff are individually committed to a culture of quality, safety and personalized patient care.  We want each of our patients to have a family.

As a group,

  • We don’t want Markham Fertility Centre to be the largest fertility centre in the Toronto area.  We want it to remain small so it could provide personalized care.
  • We work as a team of experts to provide the highest quality fertility services. Many of us have been with MFC for over a decade – some for almost 30 years!
  • We are committed to patient safety.  MFC was one of the first Canadian fertility clinics to volunteer for rigorous accreditation inspections and has been continuing this practice for almost 20 years.
  • We are committed to using safe and innovative treatments to increase pregnancy rates and reduce the incidence of miscarriage. We are recognized as Canadian leaders in understanding how the immune system can affect pregnancy and providing effective treatments.  Genetic factors also affect pregnancy rates; our onsite Genetic Counsellor works closely with patients and doctors.
  • We understand that infertility affects the mind, body and relationships. We provide counselling services related to nutrition, psychotherapy, couple/individual needs and genetics.

Our philosophy is simple: we aim to provide patient specific treatments at the highest standard, while giving you, our patients, direct and honest care.

We take pride in treating you as an individual and creating customized plans of care. At MFC, you will never be just another patient, another number or the result of a statistic.

Our Team

Dr. Meivys Garcia, Medical Director and Owner

Dr. Marta Wais, Quality Director and Owner

MFC Affiliated Physicians: Dr. Nathan Roth

Dr. Crystal Chan, Scientific Director and Owner

Dr. Salina Kanji, Associate Physician

Our Facility

Our goal is to provide fertility services under one roof to make it easier and more efficient for patients to receive their care.  This also helps us to get to know our patients better when we see them at our own clinic for infertility assessments and treatments.

In 2012, the MFC moved into our new, state-of-the-art facility located on the campus of Markham Stouffville Hospital.  The following services are available:

  • Physician’s offices
  • Blood testing lab
  • Ultrasound services
  • Embryology and Andrology lab
  • Immunology services
  • Genetic Counselling
  • Nutritional Counselling
  • Individual/Couples counselling and psychotherapy

This provides easy access for people needing fertility services in the Toronto area. We are located directly off Highway 407 at the Ninth Line exit. Parking is directly across the street from the clinic.

Our Reputation

Safety and Quality:

In 2003, the MFC volunteered to be one of the first private infertility clinics in Canada to be reviewed for accreditation by the Canadian Council on Health Services (CCHS). This means that, for almost 20 years, MFC participated in regular inspections to ensure we meet quality /safety standards and industry requirements.

Pregnancy Success: Let’s work together to help your family grow.

Markham Fertility Centre is committed to helping our patients have a baby.

MFC has voluntarily submitted our IVF pregnancy-rate data to the Canadian Assisted Reproductive Technologies Registry (CARTR) since the MFC’s inception. Our pregnancy and “live birth” rates have consistently been in the top percentages in Canada.

  • We are the country’s leading experts in the clinical treatment of immune issues that can affect pregnancy.
  • Our physicians provide their patients with surgical interventions (if this is required) to help improve fertility.  Patients don’t have to find another physician then wait for their appointment.
  • Our expert staff provide well-coordinated, experienced services – several have been with MFC for 3 decades.  Staff  help support, guide and coordinate each patient’s fertility program.
  • Genetic factors within the embryo can be tested – MFC’s Genetic Counsellor is in the clinic to provide insights that help achieve a successful pregnancy.
  • We believe that infertility affects the mind, body and relationship – counselling is available onsite.
  • Fertility education classes help patients understand their medical condition and available treatments.  This helps patients to be an active participant in their personalized fertility program.
  • Our physicians also offer obstetrical care to  patients who become pregnant through the program.  Births are such a happy event after such an arduous fertility journey!  We want to share the joy with our patients.