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Information that empowers.

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People undergoing fertility treatment encounter an overwhelming amount of information - some good and some not so good. Reliable information plays an important factor in the development of this website. We consulted patients to ensure the information provided is as helpful, accessible, and transparent as possible.

In addition to the resources provided below, Markham Fertility Centre regularly publishes Blog Posts which contain more detailed information on specialized topics.

Dr Garcia and Dr Wais have launched a podcast! My Fertility Podcast endeavours to explore the many facets of conception, pregnancy and reproductive health along with the emotional, psychological, and societal aspects that come with the journey to parenthood. New episodes are released every Tuesday. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Connect on IG @myfertilitypodcast.

Follow Dr Garcia and Dr Wais on their Instagram channels; they both are very active and host Instagram live events every Tuesday at 9am EST.

Counselling & Support

A good support network is worth its weight in gold

Lifestyle & Wellness

Empowering patients with information to support
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Legal & Ethics

Legal resources for those using donor or surrogate; we also provide ethics counselling

humm Financing

Fertility financing is now available through humm


Knowing costs is an important part of your decision-making

My Fertility Podcast

Dr Garcia & Dr Wais have launched a podcast! Listen to the latest episodes and connect on social

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