Embryo Donation and Embryo Adoption

Where one family's fulfilled journey becomes another's most cherished dream.

Embryo Donation and Embryo Adoption

Connecting lives, igniting hope for a new beginning.

Your family planning journey is unique. Your care should be too.

Markham Fertility Centre has a dedicated Donor and Surrogacy team that will guide you through all aspects of your family-building journey, whether that includes sperm donation, egg donation, embryo donation and/or gestational surrogacy. Rest assured knowing that our program is Health Canada approved after a stringent review process.

About Embryo Donation

Occasionally, couples or individuals reach the end of their family creation journey, and find themselves with viable embryos they no longer need for their own family expansion. These embryos stand as beacons of hope for those yearning to embark on or continue their own journey into parenthood. At Markham Fertility Center, our expert donor and surrogacy team excels in facilitating this extraordinary and altruistic gesture of embryo donation. In collaboration with Beginnings, an embryo adoption agency, we ensure the process is seamless and rewarding for everyone, while cherishing and nurturing the precious gift of life.

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    You have completed your own family building journey and now find yourself with viable embryos that you do not intend to utilize

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    You do not wish to discard your remaining viable embryos and instead, desire to offer them to someone still navigating their path to parenthood

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    You have a specific MFC patient in mind, whom you wish to donate your embryos to

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    You wish to be matched to a person or family that wishes to accept your embryos

"Every embryo donation is a love letter to the enduring spirit of family, hope, and the incredible gift of life."

Your Journey to Embryo Donation
Begins Here

If you would like to donate your embryos and you have an MFC patient/family in mind as the intended parent(s), our Donor and Surrogacy team can help you facilitate the process. The pathway bellow illustrates a typical journey for the individual(s) donating the embryo.

Discussing your decision to donate an embryo

You will meet with your MFC physician and discuss your wish to donate your embryo(s) to another MFC family of your choosing.  The intended recipient(s) will also meet with their physician to ensure they are good candidates to receive your embryo. 

Implications Counselling

Markham Fertility Centre requires that both parties, both the ones donating the embryo(s) and the ones receiving the embryo(s) (ie intended parent(s))  attend an appointment with a psychologist or counsellor. Counselling ensures that both you and the donor fully understand the implications of using donor eggs so both parties can consent to treatment. Counselling can also help you and the donor understand the emotional implications of egg donation and how it may affect you and everyone involved. It can also help you prepare for any potential concerns that may arise in the future.

Legal Agreement

Embryo donation/adoption agreements are an essential part of the  process. It is considered best practice for the the embryo donor(s) and intended parent(s) to have independent legal advice.  There are a number of experienced reproductive lawyers in Canada to choose from. The D&S team can also provide a list.   

The final step

Once the legal agreement is complete, the embryo donor recipient begins the process of embryo transfer which will be described in subsequent sections.  You are no longer responsible for storage fees and /or embryo disposition. It is up to the intended parents and your mutual agreement to provide you with updates on the transfer process or potential pregnancy. 

Your Journey to Donate Your Embryo Using an Embryo Adoption Agency Begins Here

If you would like to donate your embryos but you do not have a recipient in mind, you need the services of an embryo adoption agency. MFC works closely with Beginnings, a respected embryo adoption agency with many years of experience.

Making the decision to donate your embryo(s)

You should discuss your wishes with your doctor. Your doctor will discuss the status of your remaining embryos and their potential for a live birth. It is important that you understand all the aspects of this process.

choosing the intended parents of donated embryo(s)

Our D&S team can share the contact information for an embryo adoption agency that MFC works closely with. The name is Beginnings. They will create a match process between you and suitable recipients. The recipients do not have to be MFC patients. If you desire to have your embryos shipped to the recipient's home fertility clinic, we will facilitate that as per your wishes. It is important to note that this is not an anonymous process. The process follows the principle of the open adoption process, where both parties meet and agree to the degree of involvement in future pregnancies.

The next steps

The agency is responsible for facilitating the counselling and the legal agreement. If the intended parent(s) wish to become MFC patients and receive the embryo here, an MFC physician will undertake their care and provide the medical treatment and recommendations for embryo transfer.

MFC Donor & Surrogacy Program

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Common Questions About Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is the poetry of fertility treatments, where one family's end of a journey sows the seeds of another's beginning.

About Embryo Adoption

Embryo adoption serves as another pathway that Markham Fertility Centre offers to support your journey towards building a family. This method has enabled numerous couples to realize their dreams, particularly when traditional IVF with their own eggs or donated gametes isn't feasible or desired. This process presents a unique opportunity to bring life and love into your world, harnessing the potential of donated embryos to create your very own family miracle. You might be considering using  a donated embryo in the following situations:

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    You want to get pregnant but do not have access to eggs and/or sperm

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    You are concerned with the costs of donor eggs. The embryo adoption process is generally less costly

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    You know of a family that has completed their journey that wishes to donate their embryos to you

Markham Fertility accepts donated embryos directly from another MFC family to you. We also accept embryos that have been matched to you from the embyro adoption agency, Beginnings.

"In the world of fertility, embryo donation is the ultimate gift, a shared dream blossoming into life."

Your Journey to Becoming a Parent(s) Through Embryo Adoption Begins Here

You have the opportunity to become a parent through donated embryos. These embryos could come from an MFC patient who has specifically chosen you as their embryos' intended recipient. Alternatively, you may be matched with a couple who has available embryos, through an embryo adoption agency. The Donor and Surrogacy team at MFC can support and guide  you through both paths.

Discussing your wishes with your doctor

Your journey to family-building through a donated embryo commences with a heartfelt conversation with your trusted physician at MFC. During this discussion, your doctor will explore your aspirations and assess your suitability for pregnancy via a donated embryo. This collaborative approach ensures that your path to parenthood is tailored to your unique circumstances and desires.

Connecting with our Donor and surrogacy team

If you've been chosen by an MFC family who wishes to donate their embryo(s) to you, our dedicated Donor and Surrogacy (D&S) team is here to guide you through the subsequent steps. These could involve genetic counselling, implications counselling, establishing legal agreements, and securing MFC consents.

If you do not have a specific family intending to donate embryos to you, our D&S team will facilitate your connection with Beginnings, a reputable embryo adoption agency. They can assist in matching you with a family eager to donate their embryos. Once you have been matched, the D&S team will facilitate the next steps of the process such as transporting the embryos to MFC.

The final Step

Regardless of whether you were paired via the Beginnings embryo adoption agency, or through a direct embryo donation from an MFC family, the final stage involves a detailed consultation with your physician. During this meeting, you'll review and establish a transfer protocol tailored to accommodate your unique circumstances, optimizing your journey towards parenthood.

Common Questions About Embryo Adoption

"Embryo donation: it's more than a process, it's the sharing of life's greatest potential."