Fertility Medications Dispensary

Fertility Medications Dispensary

Fertility Medications can be a significant part of the overall costs of treatment.

Markham Fertility Centre physicians, nurses, and dispensary staff ensure you have the medications when you need them and know how to store and administer them properly.

About our Fertility Medications Dispensary

Markham Fertility Centre offers on site dispensing of fertility medications, accessible 7 days a week.

Your clinical team will provide you with your appropriate drug and dose in the afternoon while preparing for an upcoming procedure. Some patients prefer to purchase their medications onsite in the morning, whereas others prefer to pick them up once they know the exact quantity.

Like all pharmacies, we are unable to accept returns for medications once they have left the dispensary.

Dispensary Contact & Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday  7:00 - 15:00

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays by appointment only

379 Church Street, 5th Floor,
Markham, Ontario L6B 0T1

Fertility medications can be a significant part of the costs of treatment; often needed on short notice. Our Dispensary will have what you need, when you need it.

Common Questions About Fertility Medications

Our physicians, nurses, and pharmacy assistants are available to answers any questions you may have about taking fertility medications.