Expanded Carrier Screening

Protecting future generations from known genetic disorders.

Expanded Carrier Screening

Protecting future generations from known genetic disorders.

There is nothing more important than the health and well being of your family. Expanded Carrier Screening is an important genetic test that can prevent transmission of known and devastating genetic disorders.

Markham Fertility Centre provides genetic counselling as a standard of care. Our expert Genetic Counsellors can provide valuable insight to support your family planning goals.

About Expanded Carrier Screening

Carrier screening is a genetic test that determines whether you or your partner is a “carrier” for certain genetic diseases and the odds that your child will inherit them.  The process involves completing a family history questionnaire and a sample of your blood or saliva, which will be sent to an external lab for analysis.

While carrier screening is now recommended for all those planning to have a family, there are typically ordered for the following reasons:

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    You or your partner have a known genetic disorder in your family

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    You are using an egg or sperm donor

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    You are planning to donate your eggs, sperm, or embryos

One of our Genetic Counsellors will guide you though the test and help you interpret the results. Tests are not covered by provincial health insurance, however some employer sponsored insurance plans may cover the costs of the test.

Carrier screening offers peace of mind, giving those planning to conceive the ability to avoid known and devastating genetic disorders for their offspring.

Your Carrier Screening Journey Begins Here

Carrier screening is ideally performed before conception occurs, but it can be completed during pregnancy too. Once you provide a sample, results are usually reported within three weeks. Once your carrier screening results are complete, you will meet with one of our Genetic Counsellors to discuss the results and next steps.

Attend our webinar on Carrier Screening

Markham Fertility Centre’s Genetics team offers a LIVE Carrier Screening Webinar. The webinar is free for our patients and you are encouraged to join this webinar to learn more about carrier screening and reproductive genetics. You can access the webinar by talking to any member of your clinical team.

Meet with the Genetics Counsellor

Our genetics team will meet with you to review your family history and answer any questions you might have about carrier screening. We help you decide if carrier screening is right for you.

Sample Collection

You can provide a blood or saliva sample for carrier screening. The genetics team will arrange for collection and shipment of your sample to the carrier screening lab. Carrier screening results are usually ready in about 3 weeks.  

Review Results with the Genetic Counsellor

Once your carrier screening results are received, you will meet with one of our genetic counsellors to review your results. The genetic counsellor can help you to understand your results and provide information about further genetic testing options.

Genetic Testing Services Provided by Markham Fertility Centre

Carrier Screening

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Prior to conception, often for those at risk of transferring a genetic disorder.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

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After IVF, testing of an embryo to help eliminate those with genetic abnormalities.

Prenatal Screening

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During pregnancy to identify whether your baby is more or less likely to have certain birth defects.

Common Questions About Carrier Screening

Patients always have lots of questions when it comes to genetics. We will spend the time you need to ensure you are well informed of your options.